Cleanse Your System of Toxins,

Double Your Energy and Banish Your Cravings – For Good! 

Juice cleanses are so five years ago. Learn the step-by-step method for using real food to fuel and detox your body without restriction and deprivation.

Do you ever feel frustrated because it seems like food has complete control over you?

Do you feel weighed down, bloated, lethargic and generally blah?

Do you get sick often?

Better yet, have you ever said this (or something like it) to yourself?

“Just one more cheat day and I’ll start eating clean tomorrow.”

“This is my last piece of chocolate cake!”

“I’ll start over again on Monday.”

“Once this bag is finished, no more potato chips ever again!”

These are the promises we make to ourselves that often go unfulfilled.

But, it’s not your fault. I repeat, there’s nothing wrong with you!

The foods that we repeatedly swear off unsuccessfully –sugar, white flour, fried foods and alcohol – are the EXACT ones that keep us coming back for more (as if by magic). But it’s not magic at all. There’s a scientific reason we feel drawn to those foods – they’re addictive –  physically and emotionally.

Food manufacturers and advertisers know this all too well. And there’s more!

These foods aren’t only addictive – they’re also toxic. Over time, eating these foods forms acidity and inflammation in the body that creates illness, disease, weight gain, wrinkles and many more unwanted side effects.

The good news is that you can take back your power over what you choose to eat and how you feel by simply replacing these foods with better-for-you choices. Does that mean you can never eat a French fry or enjoy a glass of wine again? Of course not! I promise this isn’t about deprivation.

Of course, you want to feel light, energized and strong mentally and physically but you’ve tried so many fad diets, cleanses and workouts you don’t know what works. Whole 30, Paleo, or Keto? Who knows!

What if you didn’t have to eat any particular way to get the results you desire?

Let me guide you. I’m a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach and I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. Stuck between wanting to have a healthy lifestyle but also an active social life. Confused about my inability to lose weight or feel my best despite a healthy diet.

Forget everything you think you know. 

What I’ve learned in my 10 years as a Health Coach is that there is no one right path, no one solution, but we can all start somewhere and that’s with creating a foundation of healthier habits from which to build. It comes down to consistency and re-training your body to crave what’s best for it. You can eat Whole 30 or Ketogenic for a period of time, but can you sustain it? Not without first starting from a clean slate.

The Real Food Detox builds on the methods I’ve used to coach thousands of women to change their relationship with food. I believe in creating healthy habits out of small changes and intuitive action first then building on those changes with more advanced hacks and theories you can integrate into a healthy foundation. I’ve tested this method on hundreds of clients and they, too, have achieved wide-ranging results from 60 lb weight loss to happier marriages, clearer skin and even job promotions!

Now I’m delivering what you need to get started on this path in this 5-day detox program.

What is it? 

A 5-Day Real Food Detox

This program gives you a formula and daily meal plan for detoxifying your body with whole foods. You’ll naturally learn how to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices in the process – without relying on nutrition myths or fads to get there.

Whether your healthy eating habits have gone slightly off the rails or you’ve gone completely off track and lost sight of the way back to a healthy lifestyle, this program will help you course correct. Not just for a few days, but for a lifetime.

You’ll learn the concepts of clean eating that will reset your body and build a healthy baseline that will get you back to where you feel your best. There is no quick fix out there, but you can begin to reclaim your health and reset your body one healthy choice at a time and that’s what this five-day detox is all about.

Here’s The Transformation You Can Look Forward to in just 5 Days

  • Create healthy eating habits that will carry over for a lifetime – far beyond the 5 days of the program
  • Feel lighter –physically and mentally
  • Double your energy
  • Quiet the food noise and learn which foods are best for your body
  • Learn how to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices naturally
  • Feel more at ease with your body and eating habits
  • Understand your cravings and how to handle them
  • Discover how to create the time you need to take care of yourself and your body
  • Put new, healthy habits into place
  • Learn easy ways to manage stress
  • Reduce belly bloat
  • Kick-start weight loss
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Decrease inflammation

Results from Real Participants

“I cut my toxicity score in half – from 110 to 52!” — Katie, Indiana

“I learned to trust myself …” — Libby, California

“I lost 3 pounds and am finally sleeping through the night!” — Natasha, Maryland

What’s Included

  • 5-Day Meal Plan AND/OR Plant-based Meal Delivery: You’ll get a 5-day meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) along with easy-to-follow recipes. You also have the option to enroll in Sakara Life’s Plant-based Meal Delivery Program for 15% off using my unique code, REF_MARISSALOVE15 (this is completely optional).
  • Shopping List: A complete and thorough list of all the whole foods you’ll need to make each of the 5-days worth of recipes.
  • Meal Guidelines: Hacks to help you learn how to structure your meals during the 5-days (should you want to be creative and make your own) and apply the concepts you learn beyond the five days.
  • Detox Resources: My curated list of resources to enhance your detox experience.
  • Daily Motivational Emails: Daily emails with motivation, tips and more!
  • Healthy Recipe Booklet: All of the easy, healthy recipes combined into a digital recipe book for easy reference.

This program is so for you if …  

  • You’re tired of fad diets
  • You want to commit to a healthy balance once and for all
  • You want to understand your body, what to feed it and how to treat it
  • You’re confused about all the conflicting nutrition information out there and how to apply it to your own life
  • You’ve spent more money than you can tally on fad diets, juice cleanses, health foods, supplements and workouts and you’re not getting anywhere
  • You’re curious about just how healthy you can be and want to learn and explore

This program is so NOT for you if …

  • You’re unwilling to make a monetary investment in your long-term health and well-being, no matter how small
  • You’re a fad dieter and calorie-counter and want to stay that way
  • You believe you already know all there is to know
  • You’re unwilling to invest some time and effort toward being as healthy as you can be

Your Investment + Bonuses

Priced separately, this is a $597 value, but I’m offering it for $97 so I can give more women this life-changing experience.

When you invest in the Real Food Detox, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

  • A copy of my digital eBook, 3 Minute Breakfasts
  • A 30-minute Private Coaching Session with me

To take advantage of this low price, here’s what you should do next …

Click the button below that says ‘Add to Cart’ then locate the Shopping Cart on the sidebar to the right and click on the Paypal logo to complete your transaction. You’ll receive a receipt and confirmation email and more details from me will come shortly thereafter. Keep reading to understand exactly how this digital program works.

How the Detox Works

Real Food Detox | Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Marissa Vicario | book bundleThis is a digital course designed to be taken online but with access to me, your Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, via text, email and one live coaching session on the phone. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from me with a few more details and what to expect PLUS all the materials/instructions.

I recommend giving yourself three days to get organized and prepare for the detox. Mark your calendar with the dates you plan to do the program so you can prioritize around it.

Three days after you sign up, you’ll begin to receive daily emails from me for inspiration and insight into the step-by-step process for optimizing and maintaining your results in addition to preparing your meals accordingly and trying many of the other lifestyle suggestions.

Enjoy the journey, glean insight and motivation and bask in the results! The best part is once you have the course, it’s yours to go back to over and over again as needed.


Real Food Detox
Real Food Detox


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a busy schedule. Will I have time to devote to the program? 

A. Investing in yourself means investing time. I urge you to make this a priority and clear time in your schedule to devote to yourself and this program. You will need it to prepare and pred your meals. That said, you can always choose the Meal Delivery option for some or all of the meals to save time. Do commit to making some time to participate and implement some of the recommendations. It’s cliche but what you put in, you get out!

Q. I’m already pretty healthy. Will I get anything out of this? 

A. There’s something for everyone and I’m not just saying that. If you’re already healthy, it’s a chance to learn more and see how healthy you can be. There are always upgrades and tweaks you can make to what you’re doing already. There are plenty of opportunities to learn from others in the group and solidify your already healthy habits in new and fresh ways. 

Q. I know nothing about healthy eating and nutrition. Will I look like an idiot or feel lost and left behind? 

A. Not at all! This is for everyone no matter where you are on your journey. You are free to take what’s best for you and leave the rest for another time. I’ll be holding your hand the entire way!

Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to make changes. Will this program have me going completely vegan or giving up the foods I love? 

A. Not at all. The meals are plant-based but you have the option to add your choice of protein. This program isn’t about going vegan, vegetarian, paleo or anything else. It’s simply about creating healthy habits, detoxing your body and learning to trust yourself and your body. 

Q. How can I be sure I’ll follow through? 

A. Nothing is ever certain but if you do the work and put the time in, you will see results. You also get one on one time with me for extra support and motivation. If you make the effort, you will be successful.  

More Praise


“My bloating is gone and I know what to eat to feel satiated. I’ve become so much more aware of my choices and am more conscious of how food makes me feel.” — April, Compliance Officer, New York

” I had done fad diets like Nutrisystem and tried juice cleanses in addition to normal workouts and was seeing results for the short term.  Then the pounds would start creeping back up. I realized that what I was doing was not healthy and that I needed to be more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I’m making healthier choices throughout the day, eating a better breakfast and have more energy as a result and the pounds are staying off!”
— Jenna, Attorney, New York City

Joanne“Marissa is a lovely combo of coach, knowledgeable nutritionist, cheerleader and took an unshakable stand for my health, getting me to look at food and my own habits and thinking about food in a new light. She’s also funny and relatable and put me at ease to open up.” — Joanne, Business Owner & Jazz Singer, Brooklyn, New York 


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