Discover the Proven Ways to Double Your Energy, Banish Your Cravings and Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Learn how to make slimming, nutritious, energizing choices in 4 weeks.

No fad diets required. 

Starts October 17, 2016!


Do you ever feel frustrated because you don’t know what, when or how much to eat? Do you worry that you’ll never lose those last 5 or 10 lbs or that your love of food and wine will forever stand in the way of the body you wish you had?

Of course, you want to be slim, strong and energized, but you’ve tried so many diets, cleanses and workouts you don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

That’s where I come in. I’m a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach and just a few years ago, I was stuck in a pattern of hating my body, letting my emotions control what I ate and killing myself in the gym to “undo” all of my unhealthy habits.

I tried everything from running a marathon to swearing off all carbs forever. It left me exhausted, moody and right where I started. Nothing changed!

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I realized that I didn’t have to be extreme to achieve the results I was seeking. It all came down to consistency and making small tweaks to my diet and lifestyle.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been coaching women to change their relationship with food using my method for creating healthy habits out of small changes and intuitive action. I’ve tested this method on hundreds of clients and they, too, have achieved similar results from 20 lb weight loss to happier marriages, clearer skin and even job promotions!

Now I’m putting it ALL together into one Group Program to share with YOU!

I promise you your situation is NOT hopeless. 

Most women who struggle with their relationship with food have been fed the same myths by media and society.

Here are three of the biggest myths about health and nutrition that will never get you the results you want:

  1. Eat less/fewer calories/smaller meals to lose weight and look like the models on the magazine covers
  2. Healthy eating is expensive and cooking is time-consuming
  3. You can eat whatever you like if you exercise

What I’ve Got for You

I’ve created a new group program called …

Holistically Hot: 4 Weeks to Double Your Energy, Banish Your Cravings and Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

This program gives you a week by week formula for learning how to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices naturally – without relying on fad diets and nutrition myths to get there.

Here’s The Transformation You Can Look Forward to in this 6 Week Holistically Hot Program:

  • Shed unwanted weight with ease
  • Boost your metabolism into high gear
  • Double your energy
  • Quiet the food noise and learn which foods are best for your body
  • Learn how to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices naturally
  • Feel more at ease with your body and eating habits
  • Understand your cravings and how to handle them
  • Discover how to create the time you need to take care of yourself and your body
  • Put new, healthy habits into place
  • Learn easy ways to manage stress
  • Learn how to meal plan in just 1 hour a week
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Boost your immunity as we head into cold and flu season

Here’s How the Group Program Works

  • 5-Day Meal Plan: 5 days of meal ideas to help you learn how to structure your meals and apply the concepts we learn in the group.
  • Live Calls: 1 call per week for 4 weeks starting October 17, 2016. We’ll meet Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Join from anywhere in the world! All calls will be recorded for anyone who can’t make the live calls.
  • Weekly Emails: Weekly emails with health and wellness tips, motivation, recipes and more!
  • Healthy Recipe Booklet: A selection of easy, healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Private Coaching: 1 private 30-minute coaching session with Marissa to discuss goals, challenges and progress
  • Facebook Group Membership: All participants will be added to a private Facebook group for discussions between meetings, questions and extra support. (Optional and not required. If you’re not 0n Facebook, you can absolutely still join us!)

Some of the topics we’ll cover in the 4-week program include: 

  • What to eat for Breakfast
  • How to Makeover your Plate
  • Virtual Pantry Clean-out
  • Stress Management & Self-care
  • Understanding Cravings
  • Ordering at Restaurants
  • Balancing Hormones
  • Gut Health & Digestion
  • Meal Planning
  • Navigating Your Health with a Social Life

We start October 17!

This program is perfect for you if …  

  • You’re tired of fad diets
  • You want to commit to a healthy balance once and for all
  • You want to understand your body, what to feed it and how to treat it
  • You’re confused about all the conflicting nutrition information out there and how to apply it to your own life
  • You’ve spent more money than you can tally on fad diets, juice cleanses, health foods, supplements and workouts and you’re not getting anywhere
  • You’re curious about just how healthy you can be and want to learn and explore

This program is NOT for you if …

  • You’re unwilling to make a monetary investment in your long-term health and well-being, no matter how small
  • You’re a fad dieter and calorie-counter and want to stay that way
  • You’re negative or believe you already know all there is to know
  • You’re unwilling to invest some time and effort toward being as healthy as you can be

Your Investment

My goal is to help as many women as possible. That’s why I’m offering this experience at an investment that does require a commitment and at the same time is affordable.

If I were to price this all out separately, it’s a $997 value, but I’m offering it ALL for less than $200 so I can give more women this life-changing experience!!

Here’s What You Should Do Next …. 

  1. Choose one of the options below (either the group program for one or the group program with a friend).
  2. Click the button below that says ‘Add to Cart’ then locate the Shopping Cart on the sidebar to the right and click on the Paypal logo to complete your transaction.

October 2016 Holistically Hot Group Program
October 2016 Holistically Hot Group Program
Invite a Friend for $10 - October 2016 Holistically Hot Group Program
Invite a Friend for $10 - October 2016 Holistically Hot Group Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a busy schedule. Will I have time to devote to the program? 

A. Most of the program is at your own pace. If you can’t make one of the live calls, the recording will be available to you to listen to on your own time. Everything else is as you like or have time for. That said, if you sign up, you should commit to making some time to participate and implement some of the recommendations. It’s cliche but what you put in, you get out!

Q. I’m already pretty healthy. Will I get anything out of this? 

A. There’s something for everyone and I’m not just saying that. If you’re already healthy, it’s a chance to see how healthy you can be. There are always upgrades and tweaks you can make to what you’re doing already. There are plenty of opportunities to learn from others in the group and solidify your already healthy habits in new and fresh ways. 

Q. I know nothing about healthy eating and nutrition. Will I look like an idiot or feel lost and left behind? 

A. Not at all! This group is for everyone no matter where you are on your journey. I cover the basics as well as more advanced concepts. You are free to take what’s best for you and leave the rest for another time. I’ll be holding your hand the entire way and you’ll have the support of a group of women who are all working on similar goals.

Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to make changes. Will this program have me going completely vegan or giving up the foods I love? 

A. Not at all. You can make as many or as few changes as you’re ready to make. My approach is to make small changes that build on each other over time AND I don’t promote any one way of eating over another. This program isn’t about going vegan, vegetarian, paleo or anything else. It’s simply about creating healthy habits and learning to trust yourself and your body. 

Q. I just want to passively observe, not participate. Is that ok? 

A. Not really. The objective of being in a group is to be an active participant and learn from each other. Like I said earlier, you get out what you put in. A financial commitment is an energetic commitment to go all in. You’ll be glad you did!

Q. How can I be sure I’ll follow through? 

A. Nothing is ever certain but if you do the work and put the time in, you will see results. You also get one on one time with me for extra support and motivation as well as access to an accountability partner. I’ve set up this group with everyone’s best interests in mind. If you make the effort, you will be successful.  

Q. Will you offer this group again? 

A. Possibly, but I’m not sure. If you feel the call to do this program now, do it now. I can’t guarantee the price will be this low or that I will continue to offer this group going forward. Carpe diem!

Q. I’m not local to NYC, can I still participate?

A. Yes! We’ve had participants as far as California and even Australia! You can participate from anywhere in the world. All of the content is delivered online!

Praise for Holistically Hot

Slide1“Before enrolling in the group program, I had SO much hesitation and so many thoughts were running through my head … am I ready to make a change? Will I fail to make changes? Is this the right program for me? What if everyone else is way ahead of me? I was secretly ok with staying in my comfort zone of ordering meals in and not knowing what I was putting in my body. There were so many mixed emotions – fear, anxiety and worry being the most prevalent. I’ve become more comfortable with making healthy choices, cooking, and learning to utilize different cooking tools. My fear and anxiety have decreased tremendously with regards to cooking and meal planning. I feel like I now have more knowledge and a great tool set to enable me to make wise decisions and positives changes in my eating and lifestyle. Also, I have become extremely interested in learning more about nutrition, cooking, and overall well-being.”
 — Jennifer, Recruiting Executive, NYC

April“I’m not as bloated and I know what to eat so I stay full longer. Through this group I have been very aware of my choices (and chewing!) and much more conscious of how I am feeling.” — April, Compliance Officer, New York

” I had done fad diets like Nutrisystem and tried juice cleanses in addition to normal workouts and was seeing results for the short term.  Then the pounds would start creeping back up.  I realized that what I was doing was not healthy and that I needed to be more conscious of what I was putting in my body.I’m making healthier choices throughout the day, eating a better breakfast and have more energy as a result and the pounds are staying off!”
— Jenna, Attorney, New York City

“I pay a lot more attention to what I am eating. I know what foods are good for me and now I understand what foods are not good for me by reading ingredient lists and not focusing just on calorie counts. Even though as a working mom I have very little time for myself, I have been able to incorporate small changes in my life to help me recharge.” — Alisa, Working Mom, Alexandria, VA

Joanne“Marissa was a lovely combo of coach, knowledgeable nutritionist, cheerleader and took an unshakable stand for my health, getting me to look at food and my own habits and thinking about food in a new light. She’s also funny and relatable and put me at ease to open up.” — Joanne, Business Owner & Jazz Singer, Brooklyn, New York 


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Refund Policy
The Holistically Hot Group Program is a non-refundable investment in your health. It’s an invitation to listen, learn, connect, explore ad transform.